Who I am?

My name is Luis, I’m 31, I live in Madrid (Spain… Europe!) and I love my doughter and all my family, my friends, to travel and to be an artist throw my crazy DLS little studio.

This is ME!! :

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What can I do?

The best way to know what can I do, is to take a look to my portfolio section…

But… I can use this to do my jobs:

✭ Adobe Creative (100% Photoshop and Illustrator . And not 100% but good with InDesign, After Effects and Premiere)

✭ Cinema 4D + Vray + some great plugins like Real Flow

✭ Web Design (HTML5 with wordpress, using for some thing Dreamweaver)

✭ And: Office Pack 100%, iWork and iLife and other easy programs for someone like my like… Text Edit!

✭ Photography. I love it!! 

….In the other hand, I don’t forget that I’m an artist, and I can do all the handmade works out of the computer like oil, acrylic, pastel, pencils, markers, etc… I’m so good making sculptures and of course, if you’re ready for that, I can make with scissors an awesome and beautiful paper boat…

What I have learned? Schooling

A lot!!

I have this schools in my back:

1st: The most important school to be an artist: Interest from 3 to 16 years old, regarding all the artistic things…. Drawing allways and learning how to do it on digital by my self from the beggining until today.

2nd: 16 – 18 Years old. The en of the school at “Ramón y Cajal” in Madrid, making the last two years of Art.

3rd: 18 – 24 Years old. Art University at “Complutense“.

4rd: 27-29 Years old. Advertising and design on “Miami Ad School.” Making my last grade on New York. Amazing!!

And the second most important school: work, work, work and work

Where I worked?

I worked during the last 10 years, combining with my studies, on Green Dog company. It’s an small but powerful company situated in Madrid, where I was the Art Director for imported brands like: No Fear Energy Drink, Asterisk Knee Protection, Ecko watches for Motocross events, and some more brands.

Here, I work for all Spain making all the artistic works 90% for ads and events: magazine ads; banners; vehicle decorations; design and production of corners for shops; designs for clothing and production; design, decoration and production of all the items for the events, sometimes in 3D; photography for the events or corners to use on webs……

At the end of 2013, I decide to work by myself as Graphic Designer. Making 3D architecture spaces, logos, brands, websites, illustrations, etc etc etc… So happy!!